A powerful image loading and caching framework


Intuitive and powerful API. Comprehensive usage guide included. Zero configuration required.


Performant, asynchronous and thread-safe. Handles even heavy workloads with ease.


RxNuke brings a power of RxSwift to your image loading pipeline.


Nuke is a pipeline with injectable dependencies. Alamofire, Gifu, FLAnimatedImage plugins available.


Nuke is faster on the main thread than any other image loading library. And it's not just the main thread. With advanced features like rate limiting, Nuke stays responsive even in infinite collections of images.


Nuke pulls together stable, mature libraries from Swift ecosystem into simple, lightweight package that lets you focus on getting things done.

Animated Images

Nuke features Gifu and FLAnimatedImage plugins that allow you to load and display animated GIFs with smooth scrolling performance and low memory footprint.

Captured on iPod Touch 5G

Reactive Extensions

RxNuke adds RxSwift extensions for Nuke and enables many common use cases:

  • Going from low to high resolution
  • Loading the first available image
  • Showing stale image while validating it
  • Load multiple images, display all at once
  • Auto retry
  • And more...