About Me

Hi, I'm Alexander Grebenyuk. Thank you for vising my site!

I'm a passionate software engineer with many years of professional experience building software and leading teams in both large companies and small startups. I truly love software. I enjoy writing it and writing about it.

I am originally from Moscow but got a chance to live in other places, like Kraków, Poland and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Open Source

Open source has been a major part of my life.

Nuke is the project that I am most proud of. It's been recognized by the community. There are two tutorials on Nuke on www.raywenderlich.com. GitHub named Nuke 7 one of the best releases in May 2018. Nuke was on the list of top trending frameworks on GitHub a number of times.

I started working with Open Source in 2013 and Nuke is just one of the many projects I authored and continue to maintain. Other projects include: